What Can Trigger an Anxiety Attack?

It’s completely normal to feel at least a little bit of anxiety now and then. But if you suffer from frequent anxiety attacks, you know they can make it hard to live your life. You may find yourself avoiding friends, skipping parties, and calling out sick from work more than you normally would.

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What can trigger an anxiety attack? We’ll talk about a few common triggers to give you a starting point to think about what triggers your anxiety attacks.

What Is an Anxiety Trigger?

So, what exactly is an anxiety trigger? Essentially, it’s anything that your brain thinks is dangerous. A trigger could be a certain place, person, thought, or anything else that makes your body scream, “Danger!”

When you experience anxiety, your body reacts as though it’s undergoing extreme stress. Your heart might pound wildly, and it can be hard to breathe. You may even feel detached from yourself, as if you’re floating outside of your body and not in control anymore.

What can trigger an anxiety attack? Lots of things, as we’ll discuss below.

Too Much Stress

Major stressors can trigger anxiety, and understandably so. Job loss, divorce, or the death of a loved one can send you into a severe anxiety attack, especially if the event happened without warning.

It may surprise you that smaller sources of stress can trigger an attack, too. For instance, if your home always looks cluttered because you have no time to clean it, those messy surroundings can trigger an anxiety attack.

Is your boss constantly breathing down your neck? Worrying about your work performance can easily spiral into an anxiety attack.

Fighting with your partner or spouse can cause an attack as well. A counselor can teach you conflict resolution techniques to help you handle intense feelings in a kind and less stressful way.

Environments That Have Caused an Attack Before

When a certain situation causes you to have an anxiety attack, your body never forgets. It holds onto that memory, making it more likely that you’ll have another attack if you face that situation again.

If you had a car accident, for instance, you might feel intense anxiety every time you get behind the wheel. This can make it nearly impossible for you to get to work or school without having an anxiety attack.

If you frequently have anxiety attacks in specific situations, talk to a therapist about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This technique can teach you how to reframe your thoughts about the event in a more positive way.

A Lack of Quality Sleep

Staying up late is fine sometimes, but if you have anxiety, it’s smart to aim for a full night’s rest. Getting sporadic or poor sleep can throw off your body’s rhythms and make you more susceptible to an anxiety attack.

Poor-quality sleep can make anxiety worse, too. When you’ve got worries on your mind, it’s tough to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Health Issues

Certain health conditions, such as asthma, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes, can mimic anxiety symptoms. Such conditions can cause restlessness, a fast heartbeat, muscle weakness, and stomach troubles. If you have any of these symptoms, talk to a doctor to rule out physical health conditions as a cause.

Anxiety is a side effect of certain medications, too. If you’re taking any medication, ask your doctor if it could potentially trigger your anxiety.

Manage Anxiety Attacks with Anxiety Treatment at Crescent City Psychiatric 

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