What Is a Psychiatric Evaluation?

What is a psychiatric evaluation, and how does it benefit patients?  

When you struggle to manage your mental health, a psychiatric evaluation helps to identify disorders you may be facing. These non-invasive tests allow psychiatrists to determine effective treatment plans and facilitate your recovery.

In this article, the professionals at Crescent City Psychiatric who provide psychiatrist services in Metairie, LA, explain what you need to know. 

The Importance of Psychiatric Evaluations

Certified professionals conduct modern psychiatric evaluations over the course of an hour. During these sessions, they ask patients essential questions about their family history of disease, drug use, and more. These assessments help mental health professionals determine if their patients are a risk to themselves or others. Furthermore, they offer educational resources to encourage healthy living.  Many patients discover valuable information about themselves that helps them along the path of recovery. Psychological evaluations allow patients to speak honestly about their experiences in a safe place.

When To Seek a Psychiatric Evaluation 

These assessments are suitable for anyone with mental health concerns. If you manage depression or anxiety, a doctor will determine effective treatment plans corresponding to the severity of your issues. 

A consultation also helps patients identify potential substance use disorders and genetic mental illnesses. During these face-to-face meetings, you can discuss problems you face at work or fears about your future. Additionally, you can recommend psychiatric evaluations for loved ones if they exhibit concerning behavior. 

Types of Psychiatric Evaluations

Let’s answer the question “What is a psychiatric evaluation?” in more detail. 

Not all evaluations are the same. Some patients schedule these sessions proactively, while others attend by the order of legal or medical authorities. Professionals categorize these services differently to accommodate specific needs. 

Emergency Evaluations

An authority typically orders emergency evaluations to protect high-risk individuals and those around them. Many people mistakenly believe that all psychiatric evaluations are involuntary. However, these assessments are only appropriate for those who: 

·       Threaten to harm themselves or others

·       Experience debilitating substance addiction

·       Exhibit risks of suicide

·       Experience hallucinations or severe confusion

Emergency evaluations allow doctors to determine treatment before more problems occur. Some patients who experience a brief relapse in their disorder recover quickly. Alternatively, those managing more severe conditions may require long-term care. 

Call the National Suicide & Crisis hotline at 988 if you experience suicidal thoughts or tendencies. 

General Evaluations

Suppose you suspect that your loved one has a concerning mental health condition. In that case, a general evaluation may be appropriate. A clinician may order lab tests to ensure that these experiences are not due to existing medical conditions.

Some general evaluations may require several sessions. Professionals use the time to track their patients’ progress.


Lastly, you can schedule a psychiatric consultation ahead of time. If you are experiencing unusual symptoms or behaviors, this proactive solution can help you address problems early.   

A doctor will work closely with you and discuss your options. In many cases, psychiatrists may refer patients to a licensed therapist. Other times, a doctor may prescribe medicine.

What To Expect During Evaluations

Mental health specialists conduct evaluations in a professional setting. You may feel vulnerable or anxious during sessions, but these responses are normal.  

Expect a psychiatrist to ask you some general questions about your health and past surgeries. Moreover, they may ask personal questions about your family life and history of abuse that may cause distress.

Try to be as honest as possible during evaluations. The American Psychiatry Association provides ethical standards for modern evaluations and approves questionnaires.

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